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word mashup royal dawg scrabble pieces Mashword is first and foremost focused on being the best word mashup generator tool available. In fact our unofficial motto is "Word mashups made easy". You might be asking though, "What exactly is a word mashup?" and "Are there any tricks to generating good ones?". In this post, we will dive into exactly those two questions and also impart a few tips to help make your "word mashing" easier and quicker. :)

So what is a word mashup? A word mashup is just like it sounds. It is two words mashed together, or phrased another way, a combination of two words to form a new word. Perhaps you have heard of a song mashup? Where two songs are taken and then mixed together to create a new song? Well, word mashups are the same except instead of mixing songs we are mixing words.

For example, take the two words "royal dog". You can combine these two words together naively by concatenating one word to the other (e.g. "royaldog") or maybe you will just concatenate parts of each word. (e.g. "roydog") These simple combinations, where parts of a word are combined together to form a new word are known as portmanteaus.

A mashup, while similar to a portmanteau, goes a bit further and subsitutes similar sounding word parts (i.e. phonemes) as part of the word generation process. Going back to the example of our naive concatenation of the two words "royal" and "dog", we could substitute the 'o' of dog for the similar sounding phoneme 'aw' and create the mashup "royaldawg". Now imagine doing this automatically for all syllables of each word and recombining the words along the syllable boundaries in a variety of ways. This is essentially what Mashword does behind the scenes.

When thinking of words to use to generate word mashups, try and choose words that represent concepts or describe aspects of the thing you want to name. For instance, if you have a lawn care business you are looking to name, good words to consider using are "green", "grass", "lawn", "care", "sunshine", etc.

Also, try to choose 1 to 2 syllable words for your input words. You can certainly choose words with 3 syllables or more, but the resulting mashup will be no longer than 4 syllables. This restriction helps ensure generated mashups seem similar to existing words, since most words are no longer than 4 syllables.

If you do use words that are longer than 2 syllables, then expect the best results to come from the more distinctive parts of the word. For instance, the word "simulation" (si-mu-la-tion) is four syllables long and its most distinctive portion is the first part of the word ("simu"). If you were to input that word along with the word "star" (e.g. "simulation star"), then some mashes will more obviously reflect the input words than others. (e.g. "symustar" vs "starshon").

With that said, Mashword is all about experimentation. Use these strategies or incorporate your own. If you come up with a great method for generating word mashups and want to share, please don't hesitate to send us a message via our feedback form. (Just hit the question mark in the lower right corner) We'd love to hear from you! :)