Word mashups made easy

Meet Mashword, a powerful company and human name generator

Introducing, Mashword, a simple, yet powerful company and human name generator. Mashword will help you find the perfect name for a business, baby, project, or whatever you might be trying to name. Mashword aims to provide the highest level of quality name suggestions while minimizing the overall time spent trying to ideate on a name.

Mashword does this by taking a unique approach to name generation. Many name generators use canned prefixes or suffixes that are tacked on to words that people enter. This leads typically to long, generic sounding, and frankly uninspiring names. Instead, Mashword takes user provided words, determines the pronuniciations for each word, and then recombines them on syllable boundaries in intelligent ways to create easily pronouncable and unique words.

rebecca pronunciation

Mashword recognizes thousands of different words including many common human names. For example, if you enter "Rebecca", then Mashword will find the pronunciation and generate alternatives that sound close to the entered word. This is great for finding a unique spelling of a traditional name that will still be easy to pronounce.

example search results for rebecca

If you enter two words, Mashword will generate suggestions by combining the syllables of each word together to form unique spellings. For example, if you enter the words "green grocery" one of the generated suggestions will be gryncery. You'll notice that while this word does not exist in any dictionary, its pronunciation is still straightforward.

Once, you've found a name you like, Mashword makes it easy to register it as a domain name. Simply select the domain suffix you would like ".com", ".net", ".org", etc. and then let Mashword check the availability. (By default Mashword checks for the ".com" suffix) If the result shows a green , then that means the domain is likely available. Select the result to confirm availability and then use one of the registration links to purchase the domain from a supported registrar.

example popup for search result gryncery.com

If you run into any issues or have questions, hit the question mark in the lower right corner to bring up our feedback form and send us a message. If you include your email, we'll make sure to respond back to you.