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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Mashword?

Finding the perfect name can be difficult, often times your first idea is taken or you want to find something unique that will stand out from the crowd. Whether the name is for a business, baby, project, or just for fun, Mashword's approach to name generation returns unique, high-quality results that both look and sound good. Give it a shot and we think you will be happily surprised. :)

How is Mashword different from other name generation services?

Mashword functions as an ideation tool to help you quickly iterate on different word combinations or spellings until you find the perfect name. When you enter one or two words, Mashword determines the pronunciation for the word(s) and intelligently recombines parts of the word(s) together with slightly different spellings. The new spellings are constructed based on the look and sound of the original syllables. It does not substitute canned prefixes, suffixes, or other words to generate suggestions.

Does Mashword track my queries?

Mashword caches search queries anonymously to improve performance of the system and logs search queries anonymously to help analyze and improve the quality of responses. All caching and logging of queries is temporary and not permanently stored. Mashword does NOT associate any personal information with your queries. Mashword absolutely does NOT engage in front running of names. Our goal is to operate a valued and trusted service that people will continue to come back to and use in the future.

How does Mashword generate revenue?

Mashword has a few monetization mechanisms. One is domain name referrals. If you like the name that you found, then you can click on it and select one of the supported registrars to register your domain. Mashword will earn a commission based on that referral. In addition, Mashword has a commercial API for businesses or developers who would like to provide results through their website or application. Please send an email to contact@plyint.com to inquire about API pricing. Mashword also plans to monetize through non-personalized advertising on the results page.

I have a suggestion or question, how do I contact Mashword?

Mashword is a product of Plyint, LLC. You can send suggestions or questions to contact@plyint.com or click on the question mark icon in the lower right corner and drop us a note. If you include your email address, we will make sure to respond to your inquiry. Thanks!